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bestrew / разбрасывать, усыпать, покрывать
scatter, disperse, throw about, overspread, broadcast, bestrew
strew, pepper, bestrew, set with, powder, intersperse
cover, coat, spread, case, shield, bestrew
carpet, pave, spread, bespread, bestrew
cover or partly cover (a surface) with scattered objects.
the bride's train was bestrewn with rose petals
Slowly entering the cottage, Dimitri found Reana kneeling next to the cadaver of the old man, which lay bestrewn upon the floor.
My guess is that the crossing he superintends at Trafalgar Square is not all that bestrewn with muck, and although by no means wholesome is no more filthy than the same streets today at the end of a busy week-day.
‘We read’, he says, in the books both in the Old Law and in the New that the men who repented of their sins bestrewed themselves with ashes and clothed their bodies with sackcloth.
From that soul, he created its mate, and through them, he bestrewed the earth with countless men and women.
Most of the properties were closed up, the lawns pristine. Only a few looked inhabited - lawns bestrewn with gadgets, excavations begun with small bulldozers and abandoned.
I watch you closely, your pale face, bestrewed by small shy freckles, your black silk eyelashes and strict contoured eyebrows, small weak white teeth and nice chin - how beautiful you looked that day!
Dead bodies lay bestrewn upon the ground in red pools of fresh blood, now infested with rats and various other scavengers whom had come in hopes of preying upon an easy meal.