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bestow / даровать, дарить, давать
grant, bestow, confer
give, present, donate, gift, grant, bestow
give, let, afford, provide, produce, bestow
confer or present (an honor, right, or gift).
the office was bestowed on him by the chief of state
stooping to bestow the presents into eager hands
These were the only honours bestowed on this legendary maestro during his lifetime.
Here are buildings constructed by the faithful and the finest artists and architects throughout the centuries, more beautiful than ever but not really serving their highest purpose: the praise of God and the bestowal of grace on men.
Many honours have been bestowed on this outstanding algebraist.
It is a gift, bestowed on relatively few people, and certainly not something to be mandated.
‘The way they told me, they said, ‘I'm making you a numbered confidential informant,’ as if it was some kind of bestowal .
These awaken our appreciation for all the gifts God has bestowed upon us and remind us of how much God loves us.
Johnny is a complex man, working to come to terms with the haunting gift that has been bestowed upon him.
These people marched to protest the premature bestowal of freedom by exterior forces.
This is the first time this honour has been bestowed on a Councillor from the area.