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bestiality / скотоложство, скотство, содомия
имя существительное
bestiality, beastliness
sodomy, buggery, bestiality
имя существительное
savagely cruel or depraved behavior.
there seems no end to the bestiality of human beings
sexual intercourse between a person and an animal.
We need not be personally introduced to fictional debauchery and bestiality to understand the horror of real occurrences.
there seems no end to the bestiality of men
He seeks, as I understand him, to prove a logical path between the heinous bestiality of the crimes of the woman and her eternal incarceration in the regions of brimstone and fire.
The visual evidence and the verbal testimony of starvation, cruelty and bestiality were overpowering as to leave me a bit sick.
It's been a mode of public conversation which has slowly inured us all against the terrible reality of bombs and guns and the banal bestiality of violence.
there seems no end to the bestiality of human beings
Every scene and every person in front of the eyes presents a story of destruction, bestiality and sufferings.
What seems to me more important than the ‘Oh ugh’ factor is just how easy it is for standards of law and behavior of slip into bestiality .
The particular horrors of that regime, unique in the methodical coldness of their execution if depressingly familiar in the depths of their bestiality , would seem to have been plumbed and catalogued ad infinitum.
That nation's great culture of marked politeness, disarming courtesy and remarkable tolerance can give way to sheer bestiality , as the war proved.