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best / лучший, больший
имя прилагательное
best, better, superior, choice, high, prime
more, larger, most, bigger, better, best
лучше всего
best, best thing
больше всего
most, best, above all
quite, completely, well, fully, perfectly, best
outwit, outsmart, euchre, outmaneuver, circumvent, best
outwit, catch, hoodwink, best, entrap
брать верх
overpower, override, overcome, overrule, do down, best
имя прилагательное
of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality.
the best pitcher in the league
to the highest degree; most.
the one we liked best
most excellently or effectively.
the best-dressed man in Hollywood
most suitably, appropriately, or usefully.
this is best done at home
имя существительное
that which is the most excellent, outstanding, or desirable.
buy the best you can afford
outwit or get the better of (someone).
she refused to allow herself to be bested
The idea that they were always the best behaved in the world is almost a joke.
Isn't the value of a society best judged by the culture it produces and consumes?
While what he says may be true, admitting it publicly does not seem to be the best method of closing the psychological gap.
She was regarded among her pupils as a fair teacher who brought out the best in her young charges.
It has been a very tough event, but it is fantastic to be recognised for my performance against the best in the world.
So let us use these six months to work out how we should go forward, together drawing on the best of each national experience.
Some of his best -known poems are about space travel.
It's also easy to understand why it's best avoided on Sundays in July and August.
It came close to being the best drive of my career and I felt happy with the Focus all the way through.
This means that we can arrange all the items in a list, with the best at the top and the worst at the bottom.