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bespeak / показывать, заручаться, обращаться
show, indicate, display, reveal, exhibit, bespeak
enlist, bespeak
appeal, address, treat, turn, handle, bespeak
order, book, bespeak, charter
заказывать заранее
reserve, engage, bespeak
(of an appearance or action) suggest; be evidence of.
the attractive tree-lined road bespoke money
order or reserve (something) in advance.
obtaining the affidavits that it has been necessary to bespeak
speak to.
and in disgrace bespoke him thus
This day, poor Tom Pepys, the turner, was with me, and Kate Joyce, to bespeak places-one for himself, the other for her husband.
Ideal and absurd, they bespeak a wonderfully eccentric imagination.
Conversely, the poetic imagery, slower pace, and more irregular forms of t'ai chi bespeak a more leisurely, aristocratic development, in which time could be taken and manuscripts kept.
For every community and every people, the seasons of our joy and sorrow bespeak our deepest values.
obtaining the affidavits that it has been necessary to bespeak
the defendant's insurers took steps to bespeak his medical records
You will therefore wish me a good supper at Bill Hill, and I will remember to bespeak some roasted potatoes.
They all bespeak a past that didn't have the Valley's problems of today that I'll muse about over the next few weeks.
It is the duty of solicitors to bespeak the court file, if any, from the Registry to Court in time for such applications.
Maybe you are researching your genealogy, which is a valid ground to bespeak a transcript of a birth certificate.