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bespatter / забрызгивать, забрызгивать грязью, закапать
splatter, splash, spatter, squirt, bedabble, bespatter
забрызгивать грязью
bespatter, bedraggle, bemire
begin to drip, bespatter
splash small drops of a liquid substance all over (an object or surface).
his shoes were bespattered with mud
His car is bespattered with mud.
His steed was bespattered with mud, and his head hung down as if worn by long travelling.
He is a man of about 35, in a deplorable plight, bespattered with mud and blood and snow, his belt and the strap of his revolver-case keeping together the torn ruins.
Peppered with dry wit and classic understatements, this book is a delight to read and my copy shows it, bespattered with grease and finger marks and bent this way and that as I would literally go to sleep with it.
Already bespattered with mud from head to foot, the Prince halted just long enough to thank the farmer, and then resumed the chase.
He coughed out blood and more blood bespattered us.
He was a somewhat diminutive boy, clad in a velvet suit with a lace collar, both of which were plentifully bespattered with mud.
Only in some hollow of a larger tree on the sheltered side may be seen a few scattered leaves of some close-clinging creeper, or the hardy leaves of the tataramoa, bespattered with mud.
This time not only his skirts, but even his hat, was bespattered with mud.
He sauntered across the lawn to where she stood, a smile splitting his thin face as he saw how bespattered with paint she was.