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besotted / одурманенный, опьяненный, ослепленный
имя прилагательное
besotted, intoxicated, dopey, blotto, dopy, zonked
intoxicated, drunk, besotted
blindfolded, besotted
имя прилагательное
strongly infatuated.
he became besotted with his best friend's sister
intoxicated; drunk.
After some time, the brigands landed at an island, where they became besotted with drink, and fell asleep.
Ever since her childhood in York - she was an only child - she has been besotted with the uses of enchantment in fairy stories.
Police are investigating whether the accused who allegedly had become besotted with Susan after meeting her at a caravan park, shot her before turning the gun on himself.
However, at 21 he was forced to reject an offer of a place at drama school because he was ‘sort of engaged to a young lady, besotted with her.'
I signed up because I just wanted to be around real people that were besotted with writing as I am and to force myself to actually get some work done instead of dreaming about it.
She was an ‘intelligent woman’ who had become besotted with the man and was unable to deal with the flagging relationship, the court was told.
Some of these servants of football are so besotted with the game that they devote more time to attending dull local committees.
I am sure all three of you were besotted with quiz programmes and the ambition to be successful on a major television show.
She's very easy to love and I am besotted with her.
In the pilot, Charlotte meets an aging movie star, who quickly becomes besotted with her as they explore the karaoke boxes and sushi bars of Japan.
But I'm in love with her, I'm just absolutely besotted with her, she is lovely.