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besmirch / пачкать, порочить, пятнать
besmirch, smudge, stain, dirty, soil, discolor
defame, denigrate, badmouth, besmirch, tarnish, calumniate
stain, sully, spot, tarnish, speckle, besmirch
black, blacken, denigrate, badmouth, vilify, besmirch
damage the reputation of (someone or something) in the opinion of others.
he had besmirched the good name of his family
I regard the continued campaign by some in the media to denigrate and besmirch the reputation of the Navy as quite outrageous.
He died for your freedom, the very freedom you use to besmirch his reputation.
How dare you besmirch my mother's reputation?
A department spokesman said, ‘We don't want our police officers doing things that could besmirch the reputation of our organization.’
‘They are attempting to besmirch his reputation in advance of the elections,’ she said.
It seems someone is trying to besmirch this council's good name.
The body of King Richard III was treated with much indignity. Trussed naked over a horse and besmirched with mud, it was borne in parade to Leicester, a sad spectacle.
The case has shown how easy it is for a hard-working and respected professional to have their name and reputation besmirched by one wild accusation.
That would be truly despicable of the Senate to allow his reputation to be permanently besmirched .
Inevitably, exposure awaits, and often exposure which will damage innocent people who will be besmirched , so audacious is the extent of the crime.