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besiege / осаждать, обложить, окружить
besiege, precipitate, beset, deposit, beleaguer, surround
tax, besiege, cover, face
surround, besiege, double upon, troop round
surround (a place) with armed forces in order to capture it or force its surrender; lay siege to.
the guerrillas continued to besiege other major cities to the north
A holiday in Peru turns into an endurance test, as a whole sequence of health problems besiege me throughout, and for several weeks thereafter.
the king marched north to besiege Berwick
He clearly felt that it would have been better not to besiege the city in the first place, but that once the siege was begun it should have been carried through to completion.
So the order is to besiege civilian areas and use food and water as a weapon.
Battle lines were drawn: Henry brought up forces to besiege the town, while Henry the Younger was joined by troops from his brother Geoffrey and the new king Philip of France.
When you besiege a city by an army, you're just making them integrate together, and there will be a code of warriors trying to fight for their lives, which is wrong.
the guerrillas continued to besiege other major cities to the north
From the day that Rupert's name was mentioned in the media, even before our address had become public, I was besieged by journalists from all over the world.
The attack, when it came, was ill co-ordinated, and the city resisted with more determination than its besiegers had ever expected.
In a running battle that took a heavy toll of British soldiers' lives, the New England militia forced the redcoats back to Boston and besieged the port city.