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beside / рядом, возле
next, beside, nearby, alongside, by, side by side
рядом с
next to, beside, by
near, beside
about, around, near, at, beside, by
at the side of; next to.
he sat beside me in the front seat
in addition to; apart from.
he commissioned work from other artists beside Rivera
on the table beside the bed
beside Paula she always felt clumsy
Extra charges like snorkeling, canoeing and others beside the package rate are at the expense of the individual
He placed it on the table beside the love seat she had chosen, and sat down next to her.
But I feel ugly beside Willow and wonder how she can bring herself to look at me, never mind kiss me.
She walked back to the trunk and took the photo out and placed it on the small table beside the bed.
He wasn't surprised when the hunter arrived at the house later and sat beside him at the long table.
Young boys sat beside the masters, learning by watching and then experimenting on a small scale.
Access is either through the side alleyway beside the pub or from the car park at the rear.
In the evening he stood beside me as I sat at my dressing table removing my make-up.