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beset / осаждать, окружать, теснить
besiege, precipitate, beset, deposit, beleaguer, surround
surround, compass, encircle, environ, enclose, beset
narrow, crowd, press, jostle, hustle, beset
(of a problem or difficulty) trouble or threaten persistently.
the social problems that beset the inner city
be covered or studded with.
blades of grass beset with glistening drops of dew
Henri inherited a bitterly divided nation, ravaged by international and civil war, beset on all sides by the mighty Habsburg empire, and bankrupt.
blades of grass beset with glistening drops of dew
The sun was gloriously illuminating the two men to the west, though both were beset by threatening dark clouds above them.
The ship was beset for nine months during which time they disproved the existence of South Greenland which had been shown on maps since 1823.
A sprinkling of volcanic rock in the Pacific, they are 600 miles east of their nearest land mass, and beset on all sides by seven mighty ocean currents.
The ship was beset by pack ice and drifted south for 12 months, becoming the first exploring vessel to winter south of the Antarctic Circle.
the social problems that beset the inner city
She was immediately beset on all sides as her own group and Liza's group mobbed her.
Their high king, Vortigern, finding himself beset on all sides by barbarian invaders, hired Anglo-Saxon and Jutish mercenaries from Denmark and north Germany.
Living on a dollar per day, our cooking was done out in the open air, beset by flies and mosquitoes, heat and humidity.