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beseech / просить, умолять, упрашивать
ask, beg, seek, pray, invite, beseech
beg, implore, plead, beseech, entreat, supplicate
entreat, beg, coax, beseech, solicit, blandish
ask (someone) urgently and fervently to do something; implore; entreat.
they beseeched him to stay
People who pray tend to beseech their deity for some kind of enrichment or advancement.
Her unfortunate father, while tears poured from his eyes, went about the city beseeching the townspeople for money to hire an attorney who in the least would provide his daughter with a line of defense.
She gazed up at him beseechingly . ‘I do not wish our wedding to be spoiled by anything; least of all Papa's disapproval.’
But his mother had beseeched and pleaded with him until he felt that he must go.
The son brings a small mound of rice, water, and flowers or fruit, and beseeches his forebears to keep their protective watch over the family and its fortunes.
Willow suddenly clutched my arm to her, her voice hushed but urgent, her eyes beseeching me; ‘Do not leave my side!’
His friends urgently besought him while there was yet time to flee the country. ‘I have just been abroad… one can't keep on going abroad unless one is a missionary, or, what comes to the same thing, a commercial traveller ’, was his response.
He pouted at me and said beseechingly , ‘Come here?’
He pleaded sweetly, shaking his clasped hands at her beseechingly .
It was his way of beseeching us to intercede and vote for his salvation.