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beret / берет
имя существительное
beret, cap, barret
имя существительное
a round flattish cap of felt or cloth.
Turn out your cupboard for old straw sunhats, berets , baseball caps and felt hats.
Try on a cool beret , cowboy hat or newsboy to hide your straggly fringe.
His father worked in the shipping industry, and was unconventional enough to wear a beret to work instead of the statutory bowler hat.
A pair of sunglasses and a beret over her blonde hair finished her transformation.
I grinned as I found a black beret , turning back to Floyd with it on.
My uncle was a gruff but affectionate character who wore a beret , blue coveralls and smoked hand-rolled cigarettes.
She was dressed in a stylish outfit for church, wearing a leather patchwork blazer and a felt beret in place of the traditional headdress.
It was like a beret , though round and from the center of the hat, hung a tassel.
There was a little boy in a beret and short trousers, and under his arm a loaf of bread that seemed as long as he was.
He wore a green uniform with two brass bars on each shoulder and a red beret tucked under one epaulet.
He was also wearing a coat with fur trim on the hood and a beret which had a badge on the front.