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bereft / лишенный
имя прилагательное
devoid, bereft, void, free, destitute, deficient
имя прилагательное
deprived of or lacking something, especially a nonmaterial asset.
her room was stark and bereft of color
The bereft father believes his son's killing was the result not just of an evil individual's action but of a growing problem with violence in schools.
To his bereft family and friends in the racing fraternity we offer our condolences for their great loss and our appreciation for the memories of this brave young man.
But I was bereft , left, and wearing sorrow in the hottest sun Ireland had ever seen.
As I worked, I thought often of my own parents and how bereft and sad I felt in the days after their deaths.
She used the death of her mother to avoid the boys her own age, telling all would-be suitors that she had to take care of her poor bereft father.
Each of the main characters is left bereft and haunted - literally - by the Civil War.
We had our health physically, but we were bereft emotionally.
I hope this will be an opportunity to cross international boundaries and express practical help and love for those who are bereft and homeless.
Though financially richer she is emotionally bereft and may never open herself up again.
You know, we have orphans and widows, and bereft people who are going to need our help for a long time to come.