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bereave / отнимать, лишать, обездоливать
take, deprive, take away, subtract, rob, bereave
deprive, lose, bereave, rob, strip, divest
widow, bereave
be deprived of a loved one through a profound absence, especially due to the loved one's death.
the year after they had been bereaved
He is the one who has to deal with shocked witnesses, and break the news to bereaved relatives.
In this heartland of rice paddies and small towns, family means a lot and sympathy for the recently bereaved even more.
There is so little we can do to comfort bereaved families but on this occasion all that could be done was done.
This programme is to help people to come to terms with loss through bereavement or separation.
We also found that contact with the recipient and his family can help in the adjustment to bereavement and loss.
The entire village is in sombre mood, with thoughts turning to the families left bereaved .
Rather, bereaved families would take comfort from the belief that their son or daughter died for a greater cause.
The event, held each December, blesses the tree at the funeral home and invites bereaved families to tie a card on to it.
The immediate response to such human tragedy must be empathy with the pain of those injured and the grief of those bereaved .
Votes of sympathy were extended to all the members who were recently bereaved .