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bequest / наследство, завещание, посмертный дар
имя существительное
inheritance, heritage, legacy, patrimony, bequest, residue
will, testament, bequest, devise, bequeathing, bequeathal
посмертный дар
имя существительное
a legacy.
her $135,000 was the largest bequest the library ever has received
a painting acquired by bequest
her $135,000 was the largest bequest the library ever has received
By the early 14th cent. the endowment of almshouses had become a favoured form of charitable bequest .
On the way through it you pick up some non-internal assets (if you don't already have some as a result of bequest or student-life thrift).
Donors are encouraged to continue adding to the endowment yearly and/or by bequest , deferred charitable gifts or estate planning.
a painting acquired by bequest
Once the legitimacy of first acquisition is settled, all subsequent acquisitions by the saving of income, exchange, gift or bequest of assets can be defended on the ground of mutual consent.
But, the United States Government is not precluded from receiving and holding copyrights transferred to it by assignment, bequest , or otherwise.
Essentially, it is plans for wealth transfers by bequest and gift which separate lifetime positive savers from lifetime zero savers.
Trembling, I opened the envelope and surveyed the contents - a notice of bequest from a long-time member of the congregation.