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benumb / притуплять, парализовать, приводить в оцепенение
blunt, dull, stupefy, drug, hebetate, benumb
paralyze, benumb, transfix, palsy, paralyse
приводить в оцепенение
petrify, benumb
deprive of physical or emotional feeling.
a hoarse shout cut through his benumbed senses
Not until, hungered and benumbed by cold, I found the road I sought, did I open my clenched hand, there to reveal the new-minted roughness of the silver coin given me by my mother.
Unsure whether to be relieved or paranoid, Karae unfolded her benumbed legs and lay back in the thick grass, dozing happily, taking full advantage of the calm state her meditation had bestowed on her.
Some - but not all - of the 1946 drawings are uncharacteristically laconic and slightly benumbed .
My breath was stuck in my stomach, my limbs benumbed , my senses catapulted into a no-go area where terror meets exhilaration.
Behind them trailed a small escort of equally benumbed guardsmen, every one with weapons, if not in hand, then at the ready.
The general reaction in the country has been benumbed indifference.
I went about picking up mounds of dirt to drop into the pit, and my hands, already dirty with muck, became benumbed under the frigid air.
Sheree stood there benumbed by what just occurred and by the fact that despite her convictions, she had so little regrets, too.
Those macabre photographs that benumbed the civilised world were worth a million words each.
Unfortunately, the audience becomes so benumbed by the endless carnage that any emotional connection to the individual players is reduced to an insulting inconsequentiality.