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benevolent / доброжелательный, благотворительный, благожелательный
имя прилагательное
benevolent, kindly, boon, well-wishing
charitable, philanthropic, benevolent, eleemosynary, compassionate, Samaritan
benevolent, friendly, amiable, kind, well-disposed, well-minded
имя прилагательное
well meaning and kindly.
a benevolent smile
This is a benevolent fund, to which the coalmining companies contribute an amount that is levied on them, for the benefit of miners and their families, and the community.
It was a benevolent organization that gave aid to fellow miners, their widows and children, as the many newspaper articles of the period record.
His benevolent demeanor and tolerance have apparently not worked well.
On many accounts it was transcribed that they were gracious and benevolent .
BEN is the motor and allied trades benevolent fund and was founded in 1905.
The appeal is the principle source of funds which directly support the legion's welfare and benevolent work.
Some paid for the privilege of nailing by contributing to a war charity or benevolent organization.
Others were labelled infirm, defined as the deserving poor, and provided for by benevolent asylums or charities.
Property owned by a benevolent organization and used exclusively for benevolent purposes is exempt from taxation.
Local people generally consider themselves to be benevolent and good-willed, fair, honest and ethical.