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beneficent / благодетельный, благотворный, милосердный
имя прилагательное
beneficial, salutary, beneficent, wholesome, benign, benignant
merciful, clement, charitable, gracious, beneficent, ruthful
good, kind, kindly, nice, gentle, beneficent
generous, magnanimous, benevolent, noble, forgiving, beneficent
имя прилагательное
(of a person) generous or doing good.
From the 1970s, beneficent citizens who resented the way in which a few outdoor advertising corporations were allowed to control public spaces began to answer back.
His worship of Great Mother Nature as a beneficent spirit would have led him to Greenpeace, if not Earthfirst, and he would certainly have believed Lovelock's Gaia theory.
His last years, lived by invitation in cottages in Sussex and Kent, fed and wined by beneficent admirers, provided a sort of rural coda of tranquillity.
Visitors to either venue cannot help but reflect on the pervasive, beneficent influence that this durable document has had on our personal and civic lives.
Life on that island is marked by an uneasy tension, the juxtaposition of living surrounded by that which is at once beneficent and at the same time terribly exacting in its toll on human flesh.
The focus of the literature is upon the beneficent impact of democracy on the relations between liberal states.
The president has battered this beneficent bureaucracy.
It is as though the beneficent god in which Spinoza did not believe had granted him a glimpse of the future which he is conveying to us.
I say this not just because he is a son of the great city of Shanghai - although this town has been known to have a beneficent effect on people.
Clearly she presides over this field or crop, as she walks through it like a beneficent goddess.
And it fundamentally it is the government telling you how to behave and if you behave in a certain way, then the government will be beneficent enough to hand you back some money.