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benediction / благословение
имя существительное
blessing, benediction, benison, beatification
имя существительное
the utterance or bestowing of a blessing, especially at the end of a religious service.
We close with a communion service; youth serve the older members the bread and wine, saying a special blessing and benediction upon their new friends.
Three volleys would be fired by the guard, and the Last Post played, followed by a prayer, hymn, and benediction .
On both sides St. Menas is shown with his arms raised in benediction and a camel on either side of him.
A chaplain is trying to deliver the closing benediction with confetti and late-arriving balloons still cascading down from the rafters.
But before I turn the service back over to our pastor for his benediction , I will have to return to the state of my mother's soul.
he said the benediction
Immediately he remembered Brahma, and he prayed to him, ‘I want to use that benediction, that special benediction .’
A lasting image occurred when he was cast in a halo of light, creating an image of Christ in benediction .
The service concluded with a joint benediction by the pastors of the four churches and a dismissal by Deacon Carol.
It makes, however, an imposing finale, since it is on the whole cheerful in mood - in the key traditionally associated with blessing and benediction .
And then follow it up with Eucharistic adoration and benediction services in every parish.