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benedictine / бенедиктинец, ликер бенедиктин
имя существительное
ликер бенедиктин
имя существительное
a monk or nun of an order following the rule of St. Benedict.
Orders of monks and nuns multiplied over the years: Benedictines , Dominicans, Cistercians, Augustinians, Carmelites and others.
a liqueur based on brandy, originally made by Benedictine monks in France.
He keeps an array of old bitters bottles behind the bar, each one filled with highly flavored liqueurs such as Pernod, Benedictine , Chartreuse and the like.
имя прилагательное
of St. Benedict or the Benedictines.
Gertrude of Helfta was a nun at the convent of Helfta, a centre of Benedictine learning and piety, from the age of 26 until her death.