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beneath / под, ниже
under, below, in, beneath, underneath, bottom
below, under, beneath
below, lower, under, beneath, hereinafter, hereafter
down, below, under, downstairs, beneath, underneath
extending or directly underneath, typically with close contact.
in the labyrinths beneath central Moscow
at a lower level or layer than.
beneath this floor there's a cellar
extending or directly underneath something.
a house built on stilts to allow air to circulate beneath
at a lower level or layer.
the runways had cracked open, exposing the black earth beneath
They may be obtained in an isolated state by macerating the leaf and peeling off the cuticle so as to expose the layer beneath which is then easily separated into its components.
I saw the kindness beneath .
Is she hiding her grief beneath her calm exterior or could she really be happier living alone!
he was relegated to the rank beneath theirs
Her ability to depict the sensual energy she perceives beneath the appearance of a familiar world gives her work its strength and its strangeness.
The threat has not ended, as she has to repair the damage done by pulling the earth back together and forever trapping the evil beneath .
The interesting thing is that beneath this brazen and rather crude exterior he is a quite a sensitive soul isn't he?
upper layers can be removed to reveal internal parts beneath
The glimpses of its shadows that have already been revealed so far hint at something rich and strange beneath the appearances.
the ancient city has lain hidden beneath the sea for 2,000 years