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ben / вторая комната в доме
имя существительное
вторая комната в доме
имя существительное
a high mountain or mountain peak (especially in place names).
Ben Nevis
an inner room in a two-roomed cottage.
The conical upper section of the mountain is reached and the well-defined, rocky path zig-zags to the short summit ridge with its steep drop into the ben 's north-east corrie.
From Glasgow, you'd need to drive 80 rapturous miles towards the Inner Hebrides, ‘twixt loch and ben .
Too late for midges, too early for snow, the glens and bens echo to the call of stags, the forests are ablaze, nights are chilly enough for you to need a fire, but days are long enough for big walks.
Continue beside the loch to Taynuilt from where you can see twin-peaked Ben Cruachan (3,695ft) to the left of the road.
From the bustling streets of the little town to the peaks of the highest bens , there can be only one topic of conversation in and around Fort William for the next week.
Here, the sheer cliffs of the northwest side of Britain's highest mountain Ben Nevis soar to a giddying 2000 feet.