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bemuse / ошеломлять, смущать
stun, overwhelm, bemuse, numb, knock, stagger
embarrass, confuse, disturb, perplex, disconcert, bemuse
puzzle, confuse, or bewilder (someone).
her bemused expression
Players who bemuse the opposition are exciting but those who confuse themselves as well can be simply glorious.
This movie is more of a camp festival of excesses, where tone and temperament are identified and altered to confuse and bemuse the audience.
Passion, Sondheim's most operatic work, continues to baffle the ear and bemuse the mind.
All of these things cause my brain befuddlement, bemusement and general confusion.
He seems bemused by his new surroundings goats, geese, Shetland ponies and a variety of other animals.
Evidence of this came two years ago when, to some bemusement , property prices began to play catch-up with less traumatised parts of the county.
Firefighters were bemused to wake up and find a large brown and white horse tethered by a rope to their station.
Asked to describe its colour, she replied ‘gosling green’, much to the bemusement of the locals.
He is a decent sort, bemused by the essential strangeness of life, with more questions than answers.
He is still bemused by the enigmatic arrival and departure of his illness.