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bemoan / оплакивать
mourn, weep, bemoan, lament, bewail, deplore
express discontent or sorrow over (something).
single women bemoaning the absence of men
This follows years of complaints from small shopkeepers and liberal commentators who bemoan supermarket's retail dominance.
He is passionate about theatre, but bemoans the pressures which it is put under in Britain, thanks to underfunding.
It also bemoans the city's refusal to release the dossiers to the people discussed within them.
The Times bemoans this development, acknowledging the commercial nature of Broadway theater, but wishing the stage itself could remain ad free.
Arjan bemoans our rapid consensus of opinion.
As the nation bemoans the prospect of new tax rises, we may take consolation from the fact that we are not the first to suffer.
Mr Britton bemoans the location of the new hospital.
He bemoans today's generation for not sharing that wish to make a difference but admits politics today ‘bores me completely’.
In one isolated village the people weep and wail, bemoaning their plight.
Like many writers, Phillips bemoans the way in which the publishing industry is now dominated by a handful of all-powerful conglomerates.