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belt-tightening / затягивание поясов
затягивание поясов
имя существительное
the introduction of rigorous reductions in spending.
belt-tightening measures
The circumstances of the succession and the dismal, almost bankrupt, situation the province found itself in at the time, gave him leeway to announce severe belt-tightening measures.
The company's full year financial results, announced today, shows various belt-tightening measures are paying off in a reduction of cash outflow, while sales have shown strong improvement from the last quarter.
The Student Union faces years of belt-tightening and substandard service provision in light of the annual budget published this week.
And during the two economic slumps, when salaries were cut, and I considered belt-tightening measures, I did mull over the possibility of pruning those policies, since we did not seem to need them.
Recruitment of new personnel has stopped and belt-tightening measures have been put in place, he added.
After last year's belt-tightening , there's no reason to think that the expenditure ranking has improved.
In his new budget Davis not only spares them from belt-tightening , he hikes their pay 33.76% over the next five years.
Although the state's budget crisis demands that sacrifices be made, the belt-tightening is not equal.
The legislature froze 75 percent of the GIO's annual budget this year, forcing the office to adopt belt-tightening measures.
On Sunday the Portuguese government approved belt-tightening measures that would bring the deficit to 2.9 percent.