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below / ниже, внизу, в дальнейшем
below, lower, under, beneath, hereinafter, hereafter
down, below, under, downstairs, beneath, underneath
в дальнейшем
in the future, hereinafter, subsequently, later on, henceforth, below
below, under, beneath
under, below, in, beneath, underneath, bottom
at a lower level or layer.
he jumped from the window into the moat below
extending underneath.
the tunnel below the crags
at a lower level or layer than.
just below the pocket was a stain
lower than (a specified amount, rate, or norm).
below average
Samples tested for dioxins and furans showed concentrations at or below those expected under normal circumstances.
But they highlighted the need for more rigor in improving standards, which are below average.
In the Hebrew Bible nonhuman animals are generally ranked below the humans with whom they share the earth.
our nutritionist is pictured below right
children aged below eight years of age
His memory deteriorated and his schoolwork fell below standard.
The wind at the time the captain went below was blowing a fresh breeze from east-north-east, with a heavy sea, which increased to a violent gale; he was, however, not called until 2 o'clock.
You have the option of clicking on the subjects below or simply reading the interview from the beginning.
Malingerer's arm was low, but it never fell below shoulder level.
Megan was Sara and Callie's close friend, even though she was a grade below the senior girls.