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beloved / возлюбленный, любимый, ненаглядный
имя прилагательное
beloved, sweetheart, love, dear, truelove, admired
favorite, loved, beloved, pet, darling, dear
имя существительное
beloved, darling, sweet, sweet one
beloved, sweetheart, love, mistress, dear, valentine
имя прилагательное
dearly loved.
Admire the two very belated Birthday cards and the pictures of my dearly beloved and much missed Labrador dog!
имя существительное
a much loved person.
he watched his beloved
He was just waiting for that wonderful chance to go over to England and claim his beloved .
Lying in his arms lifeless is his beloved , his very own, no longer a part of the living world.
Michael's beloved bike is blue at the front and silver at the back, with red writing across.
The one time we did go away, we went to a small town in the nearby county of Suffolk, to visit my beloved 's family.
Eleven days later we received concrete hints about the whereabouts of our beloved dog.
When you are in love but still single, some effort has to be made to create an impression on your beloved .
He was angry that this random demon was trying to get in the way of him and his beloved .
She sang about a Mongolian girl who is deeply in love and can see her beloved wherever she goes.
I sat at my desk, head pounding and nose running, until I knew my beloved was on his way back from his meeting.
Brass candle stands can be perfect if you were to feast your beloved with a candle light dinner.