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bellyache / боль в животе, колики
имя существительное
боль в животе
stomach-ache, griping, bellyache, gripes, tummy-ache
cramps, gripe, cramp, griping, tormina, bellyache
complain, lament, beef, grumble, moan, bellyache
whine, snivel, whimper, whinge, pule, bellyache
grumble, growl, nag, mutter, grunt, bellyache
имя существительное
an abdominal pain.
There were no technicians with the latest equipment waiting to help him decipher the coughs, bellyaches , chest pains, dizzy spells and fevers that ailed his patients.
complain noisily or persistently.
heads of departments bellyaching about lack of resources
The pregnant person scrutinizes every bellyache and back twinge to see if it's a sign of the impending big event.
Rather than bellyache about who owns what media outlets, with a mealy-mouthed ‘it's not fair’ position, perhaps more honest debate and more public discussion would expose the vacuous nature of many current arguments.
I've discovered the perfect cure for midnight nausea and bellyache - blogging!
With a couple hours yet to go in the party, he dressed and pleaded bellyache , then took to his horse to go home.
They were usually sour and gave us bellyache , but it felt like a rite of passage of sorts.
We can bellyache all we want over the decision, but at the end of the day prohormones are still gone.
I find it amusing what some people will write to you to bellyache about.
Subacute acidosis can be much more than a bellyache , however.
‘People don't bellyache to the landlord any more, they bellyache to the Foundation,’ he explained.
In the morning, I'd wake up with a killer bellyache .