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belly / живот, брюхо, чрево
имя существительное
stomach, belly, abdomen, tummy, paunch, gizzard
belly, abdomen, paunch, barrel, maw, pod
womb, belly
inflate, swell, distend, finagle, diddle, belly
inflate, swell, distend, pout, blow up, belly
наполняться ветром
имя существительное
the front part of the human trunk below the ribs, containing the stomach and bowels.
Now he puts the light sounds with something else remembered, with primrose, with laughter, and down through him a prickle runs and it seems to stop in his belly , below him.
swell or cause to swell.
as she leaned forward her sweater bellied out
move or sit close to (a bar or table).
regulars who first bellied up to the bar years before
The ventral or under side of the animal including the belly , is lighter in color than the dorsal or top side. They can have prominent hip stripes.
Photographs of the belly and chest were taken while the dog was standing on its hind feet and two people held the front feet displaying the armpits.
With a warm belly full of food, the fire was extinguished and we were back on our way, often returning after midnight.
They continued walking, taking every ramp they could find that might take them further into the belly of the ship.
The bridge must be made of the proper grade of maple, properly cut with regard to the grain of the wood, and perfectly fitted to the belly of the cello.
Astronauts will try to pull out or cut off two fabric strips that are sticking out from the belly of the shuttle.
The prisoners milled around the belly of the ship as they tried to find a place to call home.
NASA officials say they don't think a piece of tile that hit Discovery's belly during liftoff is a serious matter.
The lira type had a broad pear shape, with a wooden belly and usually three strings.
The hook-up is made by directions given to the receiver aircraft through a system of lights located on the belly of the aircraft just behind the nose gear.