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bellwether / вожак, баран-вожак
имя существительное
leader, bellwether, fugleman, ringleader, cock, foregoer
имя существительное
the leading sheep of a flock, with a bell on its neck.
So a bellwether is the head ram with a bell hung around its neck.
In the days prior to the announcement the market had been nervous that a set of disappointing figures from the bellwether of the tech stocks could have precipitated a significant drop in share prices.
It is a bellwether film in that it illustrates American race and gender inequity more directly and honestly than most Westerns of its time.
If voters pass it, California - a bellwether state for criminal justice trends - will have among the country's most sweeping DNA sampling policies.
ICI used to be a bellwether of the British manufacturing sector.
As the world's largest chipmaker, the company is clearly the bellwether for the PC market.
Some mention the study in bellwether terms, indicating that it's time for more clinical study of over-the-counter treatments in dermatology and other industries.
Florida's the new bellwether state of this country, and so it's more imperative that the problems get fixed here.
college campuses are often the bellwether of change
the market's bellwether stock
There is truly nowhere a sheep will not follow the bellwether .