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bellow / рев, вопль, мычание
имя существительное
roar, roaring, bellow, howl, blare, braying
yell, cry, scream, wail, squall, bellow
moo, mooing, bellow, low, bleat
roar, bellow, howl, blub, scream, blubber
scream, bawl, roar, bellow, blare, vociferate
low, moo, bellow, bleat, bell
имя существительное
a deep roaring shout or sound.
a bellow of rage
(of a person or animal) emit a deep loud roar, typically in pain or anger.
he bellowed in agony
The demanding bellow of a team of oxen, coupled with the shouts of their teamster startled them in to moving again.
They shouted at each other, someone called Claire was mentioned and there was many an anguished bellow .
With a collective bellow of rage, the creatures advanced.
Lightning flashed in the dark ocean ahead and soon followed by the bellow of the thunder call.
I suddenly open my mouth and let forth a tremendous bellow of laughter.
Letting out a bellow of rage as my feet were swept from under me, I instinctively rolled away just as a tentacle swept the clayey silt where I'd been a fraction of a second ago.
It had rained all weekend and I was not in the mood to haul a sodden plant into the house and bellow songs.
A scant few feet in front of the boys, the attacker turned with a bellow of rage.
That's not to say musk-oxen are docile around people: Aggressive bulls will bellow at or charge humans when confronted and, on rare occasions, maim or even kill.
Deep in the forest of bright green ferns there was a resounding crash, a rustling and, after a short silence, a delighted bellow .