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bellicose / воинственный, агрессивный, драчливый
имя прилагательное
warlike, bellicose, militant, martial, belligerent, combative
aggressive, invasive, offensive, belligerent, bellicose, truculent
pugnacious, quarrelsome, combative, bellicose
имя прилагательное
demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight.
a group of bellicose patriots
And people in charge of both governments have become more bellicose by the day.
The bellicose atmosphere in both cities cannot be ignored: stances are being hardened and war seems more or less inevitable.
When reason is abdicated and replaced by the bellicose creeds of opposing religions, peace is impossible.
It was a particularly bellicose speech, and living in occupied West Berlin, within a mile of the Wall, it had a particularly scary resonance.
But other less bellicose , parallel approaches should still be considered.
The Presidents's bellicose posture arose from weakness, not strength.
After a number of recent battles, in which quite a few hundred people have been slaughtered, the sensitive politician might want to avoid the use of bellicose imagery.
At the time, the government was very bellicose about a military campaign.
We won't know until the inspectors get there what his frame of mind is, but it's pretty bellicose in the meantime.
I've known many fighters, and most of them tend to be rather bellicose .