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belle / красавица
имя существительное
beauty, belle, looker, fair, Venus, peri
имя существительное
a beautiful girl or woman, especially the most beautiful at a particular event or in a particular group.
the belle of the season
You don't want to be the only belle at the ball dressed like Cinderella.
The southern belle is forced to leave her home town in Mississippi following the loss of her family estate to creditors.
the belle of the ball
Sumptuous buildings rise up from the wooded hillsides, the four-storey mansions are festooned with shapely balconies and are as curvaceous as an Edwardian belle .
Look at Teri for example, beautiful in her prime but now, no longer a belle .
You could doll her up - and Hollywood did - all you wanted, and she'd be the prettiest belle at the ball.
She goes from being a Southern belle , who's never been able to do anything practical, to someone who learns to survive under the most terrible circumstances of war and deprivation.
As a girl, she did everything she was supposed to do: she was a Southern belle who married a dapper genius once he became rich enough to keep her.
There was also a southern belle there with what I presumed was her mother.
the belle of the season