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bellboy / коридорный, посыльный
имя прилагательное
bellhop, bellboy
messenger, bellhop, bellboy
имя существительное
bellhop, bellboy, boots, call-boy
messenger, bellhop, courier, runner, bellboy, commissionaire
Seeing how the first option was probably just the product of wishing, I left my duffel bag to the bellboy , who seemed to be struggling to keep Gillian's bags on top of the cart, and marched over to the reception desk.
I probably wasn't very clever’ - he became, at 16, a bellboy at the London Hilton Hotel. ‘I had no ambition for the industry.
‘Here's your room, Madame Ashley and Monsieur Charles ’, the bellboy said, extending his right hand toward the door.
We checked in at the desk, and a bellboy brought us up to our suite.
The taxi pulled in front of the hotel and a bellboy immediately retrieved his luggage from the boot of the car.
She smiled teasingly and blew a kiss at Leo as he began helping the bellboy load up the trolley with the luggage.
Five minutes later the elevator bellboy came running down the hall.
‘Please come this way,’ said the bellboy politely to us.
Robin instructed a bellboy to take my luggage up to my room.
The valet boys met us eagerly and called for a bellboy to retrieve our luggage.