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bell-bottoms / клеш
имя существительное
trousers with a marked flare below the knee.
bell-bottom trousers
I changed into a pair of black bell-bottoms and a white keyhole peasant shirt that had lace on the cuffs.
I bought Ronnie a pair of white bell-bottoms with pink candy stripes.
She stood and wandered to the bathroom for a five-minute shower, then appeared in the kitchen in bell-bottoms and a fuzzy white sweater.
When the topic of dressing up comes, one would invariably think of the latest low-waist trousers and tops, bell-bottoms and a host of other designer wear.
She kept arguing, but in the end, he found an imitation hippie outfit with serious bell-bottoms and a tye-dye shirt that she consented to wear.
Christina was wearing her hair up in a ponytail, she had high heels that made her seem almost to be Toby's height, pink bell-bottoms , and a baby blue short halter-top.
When Matt arrives at the doorway, he's wearing not only the glasses but also bell-bottoms .
So it is a lot closer to jeans than bell-bottoms .
Celia was wearing turquoise corduroy bell-bottoms and a tank top, her hair in two French plaits.
She had red hair that was long and wavy; she had blue eyes and was wearing bell-bottoms and a shirt that said, ‘I am crazy!’