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believer / верующий, сторонник, защитник
имя существительное
believer, spiritual, churchman
supporter, advocate, proponent, adherent, believer, partisan
defender, back, protector, quarterback, advocate, believer
имя существительное
a person who believes that a specified thing is effective, proper, or desirable.
a believer in ghosts
an adherent of a particular religion; someone with religious faith.
The site helps believers reflect on religious faith in thought and in practice.
I'm a firm believer that my job should not be my hobby.
I am a firm believer in following-up after all my programs.
Of course the objective existence of demons doesn't matter so long as the believer has total faith in them.
He was a firm believer that a house had a soul as well as a body.
I'm a firm believer that people should do what they love for a living.
a believer in ghosts
Now, I'm a firm believer that we can learn from the mistakes of others.
As you also know, I am a firm believer that a group desires whatever leadership it gets.
The believer still believes that what God decides is acceptable.
a firm believer that party politics has no place in local government