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belie / не оправдывать, давать неверное представление, изобличать
не оправдывать
belie, betray
давать неверное представление
inculpate, belie, incriminate, convict, show up
expose, disrobe, unmask, denounce, show up, belie
refute, disprove, contradict, belie, rebut, confute
(of an appearance) fail to give a true notion or impression of (something); disguise or contradict.
his lively alert manner belied his years
fail to fulfill or justify (a claim or expectation); betray.
the notebooks belie Darwin's later recollection
But their political views and their actions belie that claim.
Already, we have encountered many instances that would belie any such claim.
I was a first year medical student when I first realized that outward appearances occasionally belie the truth.
These figures belie the constantly repeated claims of mass popular support for the brutal war.
In fact, the appearance tends to belie the reality.
the notebooks belie Darwin's later recollection
the quality of the music seems to belie the criticism
Sassy, brash, with a tough exterior that belies her soft heart, Scarlett Adams is the kind of role that comes along once in a lifetime.
It must be said that her appearance belies her age and she dresses extremely sharply.
In other words, he has been able to persuade them to view him uncritically despite the reality belying what is projected.