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beleaguer / осаждать, окружать, оцеплять
besiege, precipitate, beset, deposit, beleaguer, surround
surround, compass, encircle, environ, enclose, beleaguer
lay siege to.
he is leading a relief force to the aid of the beleaguered city
But many stresses that beleaguer us do not fall into these categories.
Seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them.
I was just saying: look, you know, all those areas, you cannot have one person doing it, because they will get beleaguered by it.
This editorial does little to support a beleaguered profession and could cause much more serious damage.
The other most important individual involved in any game is the referee - the most beleaguered of all sports people.
Other gifts have been received from far and wide, with heartfelt messages of support for the beleaguered farming community.
The very time you should stick by your beleaguered spouse is when your loyalty can serve and support him.
The first was to do some fact-finding, and the second was to lend some support to a beleaguered profession.
Did MacMahon even try to round up support for his beleaguered master?
Look, I think doctors feel terribly beleaguered in general about medical negligence litigation.