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belch / отрыжка, столб, изрыгание дыма
имя существительное
eructation, burp, belch, brash
column, post, pillar, pole, stake, belch
изрыгание дыма
spew, belch, belch out, disgorge, belch forth, regorge
burp, belch, retch, keck, eructate, eruct
erupt, regurgitate, spout, disgorge, throw up, belch
имя существительное
an act of belching.
he gave a loud belch
emit gas noisily from the stomach through the mouth.
Like this: until you've taught your child to say ‘excuse me’ after they belch or pass wind, you have no idea how many times the latter occurs on any given day.
(especially of a chimney) send (smoke or flames) out or up.
a factory chimney belches out smoke
Fires continue to belch smoke over the city and sporadic gunfire echoes through the flooded streets.
I guess she likes her male to loaf around the yard in boxers and no shirt, guzzle a beer and let off a hearty belch .
Finally, Sean Devine said to Petey, ‘You shouldn't belch before the priest.’
Someone let out a loud belch and the guys erupted into laughter, congratulating whoever it was.
Bo let out a loud belch and waved his hand as an excuse.
These flavoured products brought out by local manufacturers become the automatic choice for those who dread the belch associated with the aerated drinks.
Fred the frog let out a satisfying belch and settled back on his lilypad.
We huffed up it for a little while before coming to a small house made of stone and clay, with dome-shaped windows and a mighty chimney topping it that never ceased to belch smoke.
Once she was done she took a deep breath and let out a huge belch .
flames belch from the wreckage