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belabour / мордовать, бить, колотить
beat, hit, strike, pound, smash, belabour
pound, beat, bash, baste, whack, belabour
осыпать бранью
belabour, belabor
there is no need to belabour the point
There many other projects and forms of aid which can be cited and there is certainly no need to belabour the point.
So, if you're looking for a weighty tome for a Christmas present, to block a draught or to belabour rival fans, you'll want to enter the competition.
Not to belabor the obvious, but our ancestors were fish.
You could now strike your adversary such a blow with your fist on the face as to render him unconscious, or, of course, you could belabor him with your stick if it were suitable for the purpose.
He's handling this part just right, it seems to me, by staking out his positions without belaboring them or taking shots at those who disagree (except, of course, for activist judges).
Jokes are laboured and belaboured ; situations are overindulged and run to exhaustion before they end.
But let's not belabor this Peter Pan thing any longer.
I have my own opinions on the matter, obviously, and I've belabored the board sufficiently with them.
Not to belabor the issue, the question is: why is it so difficult today to resist those pressures?