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being / существо, бытие, существование
имя существительное
being, essence, entity, thing, existence, wight
being, existence, entity
existence, subsistence, being, life, essence
man, person, human, individual, human being, being
life, living, existence, being, time, breath
имя прилагательное
being, appearing, sitting
existing, being, present, existent, in existence, extant
имя существительное
the railroad brought many towns into being
the nature or essence of a person.
sometimes one aspect of our being has been developed at the expense of the others
a real or imaginary living creature, especially an intelligent one.
alien beings
Systems of government came into being to enable kings to achieve their ends.
The being kept following me as if I where drawing it with a magnet, and I didn't dare to let it touch me.
Another dream tells of an encounter with a being who held four keys, and bore the wings of a kingfisher.
Maybe it is purely the perception of energy patterns at all that keeps us distracted on the doing and not the being .
Makes me wonder whether any of us are really safe, or are we all enemies of the state just by sheer virtue of being .
sometimes one aspect of our being has been developed at the expense of the others
The earth and all that is therein is given to men for the support and comfort of their being .
It is the ability to integrate and harmonize diametrically opposed views or states of being .
This particular story is about what fires you at the most primal level of your being .
holism promotes a unified way of being