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beige / бежевый, беж
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
цвет беж
beige, ecru
имя существительное
a pale sandy yellowish-brown color.
tones of beige and green
The theme in the house seemed to be of neutral and warm shades like tan, stone brown and beige .
Then there is the classic, who aims for an understated look in camel, beige , cream and navy.
Except, of course, I was wrong, as when we entered we could see that the main colour was a light beige .
This look uses chalky, veiled shades of pink, green and beige to enhance feminine beauty.
The colours are dominated by delicate pastels and powdery shades of white, sand, cream and beige .
a beige raincoat
tones of beige and green
It was a shade of beige , I can't really explain the colour but it definitely was not this sofa here.
Amid a sea of grey and beige the brighter colours are gaining favour with every age group.
She also said buyers are tired of beige on beige , and blue is an excellent alternative.