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behold / созерцать, видеть, смотреть
behold, contemplate, meditate
see, behold, witness, discern, descry, take in
look, watch, view, see, eye, behold
notice, note, observe, remark, detect, behold
see or observe (a thing or person, especially a remarkable or impressive one).
behold your king!
the botanical gardens were a wonder to behold
And for the first hour or so, it was all quite beguiling and an impressive spectacle to behold .
behold your lord and prince!
It was a grand sight to behold him in his dressing-gown composing a menu.
the botanical gardens were a wonder to behold
The very sight of Loch Lomond ennobles the spirit of all who behold it, even if they're messing it up.
behold your king!
At dawn this morning, I looked out the window into the snowy mist and there with my very own eyes beheld the culprit at last.
Outside the museum the winds whipped the trees and raised clouds of dirt while inside 163 remarkably identical canvases did what they were painted to do, stirred an emotion in the heart of the beholders .
As such the film evokes the pleasure of beholding an actor perform a part with nothing forced in it, one that Michael Caine dons like a favorite suit.