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behindhand / задолжавший, в долгу, опоздавший
имя прилагательное
в долгу
indebted, behindhand
задним числом
с запозданием
имя прилагательное
late or slow in doing something, especially paying a debt.
the Yoruba have not been behindhand in economic activity
Because I'm behindhand on the particular thing in question I've thought of just letting it go.
There are certain days on which one feels oneself particularly wide of the mark; behindhand ; in debt; showing a deficit.
To our credit the British were not behindhand in promoting music.
But instead of waving a baton he turns a beam of rosy light upon any region that is running ahead of the rest, and a beam of blue light upon those who are behindhand .
Everything is behindhand for the opening ceremonies of Thursday, but as they are not the important ones, little annoyance is expressed.
May the whole Buddhist world be not behindhand in following this noble example.
But, time and tide having waited impatiently in the wings, occasionally shaking their watches, I had really better get on and do some work before my next happy hour of the day finds me seriously behindhand .