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behind / за, позади, сзади
for, per, over, behind, at, after
behind, after, back from, abaft
behind, back from, abaft
after, following, since, upon, beyond, behind
behind, after, astern, abaft
behind, posteriorly, aback, after, abaft
after, post, beyond, behind, next, past
after, following, behind
below, lower, under, beneath, hereinafter, behind
имя существительное
ass, backside, rear, bottom, behind, bum
at or to the far side or the back side of something.
as I looked behind, my feet crashed into a basket
in a place or time already past.
the adventure lay behind them
remaining after someone or something is gone.
blocks of ice left behind by a retreating glacier
further back than other members of a group.
Bill led the way, with the others a short distance behind
(in a game or contest) having a score lower than that of the opposition.
polls showed him as much as 50 points behind
at or to the far side of (something), typically so as to be hidden by it.
the recording machinery was kept behind screens
in a line or procession, following or further back than (another member of the line or procession).
stuck behind a slow-moving tractor
in support of or giving guidance to (someone else).
whatever you decide to do, I'll be behind you
after the departure or death of (the person referred to).
he left behind him a manuscript that was subsequently published
less advanced than (someone else) in achievement or development.
the government admitted it is ten years behind the West in PC technology
имя существительное
the buttocks.
sitting on her behind
a one-point score made by kicking the ball between the outer set of two sets of goalposts (the behind line), or by touching the ball, causing it to pass between the inner posts (goalposts).
In an amazing hour of football stretching over the first, second and third quarters the two teams combined to kick 16 straight behinds .
Docudrama is generally expected to fill out the human story behind important events.
they went two points behind us
Italy finished second behind Spain
The narratives tend to focus on family members left behind , in states of bemused and angry grief.
She slammed the door loudly behind her and threw away the papers she had been carrying.
polls showed him as much as 50 points behind
The only time someone took my hand was to lead me out the door and slam it behind me.
One serious drawback of the contain-and-counter attitude is apparent when a team goes behind .
she ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her
You get visibly upset when you don't get your way at meetings and storm out slamming the door behind you.