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behest / завет, повеление, приказание
имя существительное
covenant, testament, behest, dispensation
bidding, word, behest, do
имя существительное
a person's orders or command.
they had assembled at his behest
they had assembled at his behest
He was merely rebalancing his portfolio, at the behest of his financial adviser.
they had assembled at his behest
The items were sold at the behest of his descendants and fetched much more than the auctioneers had bargained for.
Even if people switch their votes from party to party, election by election it does not follow that they do so at the behest of their daily paper.
the slaughter of the male children at the behest of Herod
The early European navigators and explorers mostly undertook their voyages at the behest of kings in search of wealth.
To say what was done was done at the behest of officials is totally incorrect.