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behemoth / бегемот, чудище
имя существительное
hippopotamus, behemoth, river-horse
имя существительное
a huge or monstrous creature.
The mountains themselves appeared the spiny backbones or monstrous prehistoric behemoths that were buried in thousands of layers of earth, and trying in vain to free themselves.
behemoth telephone companies
Harder depicts the whale as a fearsome monster, a silent behemoth that rules the seas.
David was still on the ground, but had managed to get around to the behemoth 's giant tail.
And if he wins, he allows the free market to energize and renew a huge creaky behemoth .
The monstrous behemoth of white had come out of nowhere as well, throwing Josh off track.
The door slowly opened and Skye found herself face to face with a behemoth of a creature.
He landed on the back of the behemoth as a monster of equal size.
A huge rock behemoth , large grey boulders formed its head and feet.
Then, with a thunderous roar that spread across the entire mountain, the rocky behemoth tore apart.
It is also a good way to obscure a behemoth like the Colossus that overlooks your patio from your neighbor's yard.