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behead / обезглавить, обезглавливать, отрубать голову
behead, decapitate, decollate
отрубать голову
behead, decapitate
cut off the head of (someone), typically as a form of execution.
public beheadings
Most likely it was some tradition from the days long ago when the executioners would personally behead the criminals.
In several of these areas, insurgents have killed election officials and threatened to behead anyone who votes.
Militants threatened to behead him unless their demand was met.
A garter ribbon worn by King Charles I on the day he was beheaded was sold for £4,400 yesterday.
The poor baker was beheaded according to custom and carried in triumph through the streets.
His father was beheaded simply because he happened to be the head of a religious body.
The mistress beheads girls with an ax at a tree stump.
She raised her sword above her head and before he could reply, she brought it down and beheaded him.
He took down the first with ease, beheading him with a single swipe of his sword, before turning on the second half breed.
On 30 January 1649 the King was beheaded in front of a huge crowd at Whitehall.