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behaviourism / бихевиоризм
имя существительное
behaviorism, behaviourism
Psychologists use many different theories - cognitive theory, behaviourism and dynamic theory are just a few.
Not surprisingly, military learning commences on the basis of behaviourism .
Like cognitive psychology, activity theory rejects behaviourism and attaches great significance to the cognitive regulation of behaviour.
Probably, monogamy is not our natural state; the lessons of animal behaviourism and biology seem to indicate this.
Rather, as he pointed out in his reply to Midgley, he gives the word an explicitly behaviouristic definition.
This essentially behaviouristic account is exactly what the intuition behind the argument is meant to overthrow.
For years, teachers have been using behaviorism in the form of punishments and rewards to maintain order in their classrooms.
Answers to such questions have been sought from psychoanalytic theories, from social learning theories, and from various behavioristic approaches to psychology.
This is so much the case that there are now highly qualified psychologists and behaviourists that specialise in the management of change, in teaching us and those that force it upon us how to face the inherent fear we carry.
But the behaviourists were doing this to humans too.